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Raymond Andrews favours the woodcut as a medium of expression, but has produced metal engravings, glass paintings, many serigraphs and today works almost exclusively on engraved or incised and painted wood panels. He is particularly interested in man and myth, stylized fauna and flora, iconic and African imagery combined in a decorative and rhythmic style. 

“Carved or incised wood embellished with raw oxide pigments and sometimes gold and other metal foils is an old art form found in African and many oceanic cultures. My approach is often technically sophisticated as my roots lie in the curious, resourceful and complex culture of Europe. As a result, my works sometimes display a multitude of overlaid processes, which can make them intriguing. However, since I have always been immersed in the richness, the heat, colour and diversity of Africa and have been much affected by its spontaneity and innocence, my approach is often direct and fundamental. My exposure to the East has also left its mark. 

My subject matter is almost always natural rather than man-made and often involves human enquiry of a spiritual kind. I explore history, mythology and fantasy not formally, but light-heartedly. My work is neither intellectual nor social political and is never pessimistic. There is diversity evident on my work, but underlying this is the connecting thread of a personal repertoire of graphic shapes and forms, which I use to make a visual statement. I sometimes incorporate symbols and glyphs, which have often been used by man in an effort to bridge the gap between the known and the unknown. By their very nature they cannot be explained in words. The viewer’s interpretation is paramount, though my titles sometimes point the way. The visual statement replaces the need for words; explanations often hide the magic of personal discovery.

If at all, I attempt to convey a message, it is simply to remind one of forgotten dreams, hopes and aspirations and of the potential we all have to live in a state of gratitude, celebration and grace.”

Christmas Exhibition, Strydom Gallery, George, Cape.                              

Summer Exhibition, Upper Deck Gallery, Plettenberg Bay.
ART WOW National Cultural History Museum Pretoria.
Christmas Exhibition, Strydom Gallery, George, Cape.

Easter Exhibition, Upper Deck Gallery, Plettenberg Bay.

Summer Exhibition, Upper Deck Gallery, Plettenberg Bay.
Christmas Exhibition, Strydom Gallery,George, Cape.

Summer Exhibition, Upper Deck Gallery, Plettenberg Bay.
Christmas Exhibition, Strydom Gallery, George, Cape.

Summer Exhibition, Upper Deck Gallery, Plettenberg Bay. 
Opening Exhibition, Upper Deck Gallery, Plettenberg Bay. 

Thesen Islands, Knysna (SOLO)

Chelsea Gallery, Wynberg, Cape Town.
Chelsea Gallery, Wynberg, Cape Town (SOLO)

Brandwacht Exhibition, Stellenbosch, Cape.
Standing exhibit, Momosa Lodge den, Montagu.

Franz Huppertz Gallery, Cape Town, joint exhibition.
Everard Read Gallery Cape Town.

‘Frieda 60’, Guild Gallery, Pretoria.

Group Show, Everard Read Gallery, Johannesburg.
Bonne Ann&e, Pretoria.
‘Trees and Angels’, S.A.Association of Arts Gallery, Pretroria.
Christmas Exhibition, Strydom Gallery,George, Cape.
South African Artists, S.A.Association of Arts, Pretoria.

Christmas Exhibition, Strydom Gallery, George, Cape.
Studio 161, Pretoria.

Everard Read Gallery, Johannesburg (SOLO)

‘Women’, Everard Read Gallery, Johannesburg.
‘The Kill’, The Director’s Collection, Everard Read Gallery, J’burg.
‘Wild, Weird and Wonderful’, Aleta Michaletos Gallery, Pretoria.
South African Landscape exhibition, Everard Read Gallery.

‘Precious Gems’, Aleta Michaletos Gallery, Pretoria.
‘A World Beyond Our Vision’ Aleta Michaletos Gallery, Pretoria.
1st PATAG exhibition, Pretoria.
Everard Read Gallery, Johannesburg (SOLO)

Opening of the Guild Gallery, Pretoria.

 ‘Omdat die Jakarandas blom’, Pretoria.

Everard Read Gallery, Johannesburg (SOLO)

Christmas Exhibition, Atelje Cabo, Gordon’s Bay, Cape.

Group show, Everard Read Gallery, Johannesburg.
Beuster Skolimovski Gallery, Pretoria.

Sebokeng Exhibition, Sebokeng.

Hoffer Gallery, Pretoria (SOLO)

World in Conflict Exhibition, S.A.Association of Arts, Pretoria.

Arcadia 2000, Pretoria.
Sandton Art Gallery, Johannesburg.
Le Bois et L’Homme, Orly West Airport, Paris (SOLO)

Group 51, Johannesburg.
National Art Society, Johannesburg.
Gallery S, Nelspruit.
Woodcutter’s Exhibition, Lidchi Gallery, Johannesburg.
Collector’s Gallery Nude Show, Johannesburg.
Hoffer Gallery, Pretoria.
Ateljier Exhibition, Pretoria.
Christmas Exhibition, Strydom Gallery, George, Cape.
The Animal in Art Exhibition, S.A.Association of Arts, Pretoria.
Village Gallery, Johannesburg.
National Art Society, Johannesburg (SOLO)
Natal Society of Arts, Durban (SOLO)

Wildlife Exhibition, Gallery van Rijn, Pretoria.
The Collector’s Gallery, Johannesburg (SOLO)

Illustrations for ‘Xironga Folktales’, published by UNISA.
Herbert Evans Wildlife Exhibition, Johannesburg.
Group 51 Exhibition, Herbert Evans Gallery, Johannesburg.
Wildlife Congress, University of South Africa, Pretoria.
Rock Art Exhibition, Pretoria Art Museum.
S.A.A Association of Arts, Pretoria (SOLO)

Art Pretoria ’72, Gallery 101, Johannesburg.
Pretoria ’72, S.A.Association of Arts, Pretoria.
Natal Society of Arts, Durban (SOLO)
National Museum, Gaberone, Botswana (SOLO)

Living Arts Exhibition, Johannesburg.
History of Art Dept. Exhibition, University of Pretoria.
S.A. Association of Arts Pretoria (SOLO)

Lidchi Gallery, Johannesburg.
Gallerie D’Art, Pretoria.
National Museum, Gaberone, Botswana (SOLO)

Transvaal Academy, Johannesburg.
Maria van Riebeeck Exhibition, Johannesburg.
S.A. Association of Arts, Pretoria (SOLO)

S.A. Association of Arts Gallery, Pretoria (SOLO)

Raymond Andrews’ work features in numerous national and international private and corporate collections including;
Dubarry Diamond Company, Dr Anton Rupert, Harry Openheimer, Satour, State Theatre, SASOL, Saldhana Steel, Telkom, Alexander Forbes, Daimler Chrysler, Syfrets. King Mswati of Swaziland, San Antonio Zoological Gardens, Botswana Radio, Botswana National Museum, Transkei and Venda Government. Along with this, his work is also featured in the Iziko National Art Gallery as well as a number of South African museums and hotel collections. Raymond Andrews’ work is also featured in many South African Embassies, including embassies in Geneva, Rome, Frankfurt, Brussels, Paris, Sydney, The Hague, China, New York, Tel Aviv, Bonn, West Germany, Moscow, Washington, U.S.A.