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About Artist

Jenny Groenewald: When I was very young, my younger sister was quite sickly, so I would spend many hours alone in my “imaginary world” creating stories with bits of things rescued from my parents’ home in the sand outside in the garden. Deciding to do a series of still lives I felt the need to tell stories. So Sand Stories took shape.

Some sad like LOVE LETTERS IN THE SAND, using the derelict house at Kolmanskop outside Luderitz Namibia, and imagining what the shifting sand would reveal.
NGUNIS ON THE BEACH in Morgans Bay, was inspired by the wonderful bead work sold by the local women there, and I could imagine young children herding their toy cattle over the sand dunes.

Coffee bay in the Eastern Cape has a huge influx of Back packers from all over the world and they always seem so out of place to me when we visit there. Hence the TOURISTS -Coffee Bay. Instead of the traditional cattle that come down to the sea I wanted the foreign “milk jug cows” so out of place on the Coffee Bay shore.

WIND TURBINES Mossel Bay, just a child’s imagination of recreating the skeletal white Wind Turbines the you see all along the Coast roads now. The same with DAISY SEASON West Coast. From my childhood, the thought of fairies coming out at night to stitch flowers on the plants while I was sleeping. WHEN MY SHIP COMES IN… A favorite expression of my Fathers, when I wanted something unaffordable. Turns out that ship was just paper after all.

On a more serious note, GRAVY TRAIN DERAILED, brought on by the political situation and a lot of wishful thinking. The toy train with political colours finally collapsing in the sands of its own destruction.