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Daniel Nell studied fine art at TUT from 2000 and completed his Masters degree in 2009. In preparation for his masters, he travelled around the UK researching and working in various foundries in search of specific methods of casting fine art. Some of these rare skills that he has  acquired are, among others, sand-casting, pattern-making and iron casting in old age style cupolas.

Upon conclusion of his thesis he was in the employment of Dionysus Sculpture Works where he implemented high tech technologies such as the induction casting of stainless steel sculpture. After a few years, urged by a yearning to further develop his own work, he founded Daniel Nell Atelier, a fine bronze foundry specializing in his own work as well as the work of select clients.

His work deals with the ethereal connection between man and God. He experiences the making of art as intensely private as if it was not intended for regular art purposes. In contrast he uses art as a tool to investigate his own existence as if it were a microscope. The lens through which the truth may possibly be discerned. His fascination becomes an investigation of Metaphysical concepts, such as what quantum physicists call the observer, and how these modern concepts relate to an ancient belief in God and how we experience being created. His figures may appear as if in meditation or in a swoon of prayer, as if in their own right insisting on being created. His sculptures are personal monuments to emotions felt. Recently the metaphysical emotions have transcended into the direct archetypal shape of horses.


Information sourced from Danie Nell Ateliers official website.