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Peter van Straten:
“Nothing ruins a grandiose sense of self like a hyperactive sense of irony.”

“I am prevented therefore from uttering with any seriousness an ambition that is non-the-less heartfelt: to celebrate, with a single iconic image, each uniquely intriguing facet of human existence.

This task would of course take many lifetimes, and while I might conceivably have many lives it is doubtful whether I would remember my task from one life to the next; becoming instead the postmaster at Wellington, then a bureaucrat in Bangladesh, followed by a housewife in Durban – each without the slightest interest in illustrating the human condition.”

Group show: “Sex Power Money” Everard Read Gallery, Cape Town.
Group show: “The City” Everard Read Gallery, Cape Town.
“An invitation from the depths,” Casa Labia Gallery, Cape Town (SOLO).
Registration of The Peter van Straten Art Foundation (SOLO).
Solo Show: “Encounters at the edge” Knysna Fine Art Gallery, Knysna.

Finalist exhibition – Sovereign Art Award Africa 2011, Joburg Art Fair (SOLO)
18th Solo Exhibition ”The man on the street”: Everard Read Gallery, Cape Town

Group show: “Threshold” Everard Read Gallery, Cape Town (SOLO)
Commissioned to draw five landscapes on the walls of the Da Vinci Hotel, Sandton, Johannesburg (SOLO)

Group Exhibition – “Beyond Matter” – Menier Chocolate Factory Gallery, London

Opening group show: “David Brown Fine Art” Johannesburg.