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Julie Tugwell‘s styles are endless and timeless visions that are interchangeable. Her work is in a constant state of change of existence and unconditioned rebirth. Her flowers and fine art are delicate collectable paintings that harness Tugwell’s gentleness in spirit, taking months to complete with Herculean patience. The contemporary modern pieces are enjoyed by many. Her focus is currently on nudes; more specifically the female form embracing her emotions. Julie’s large abstract paintings titled under the style Emotionism are stunning statement pieces. The true intelligence of observing these abstract paintings is in the ability to grasp the emotions with one’s heart without a conditioned need to create a form with one’s mind.

“Currently in my studio I am using a visual language expressing through colour and gestural marks to achieve a desired effect, carrying a virtue of emotion. An abstraction of emotion expressed with the use of often intense colour and brush strokes balances the black charcoal or paint which glides through my work. My expressionism is directly influenced by emotional automatism. The colourfield does not always depict or produce an obvious focal point of attention but instead draws the viewer into a collective emotional response to the overall painting.

Hence, my art is a task of abstracting emotion called Emotionism . I see this as purely about creating beautiful effects even within the hints of darkness that is seen in some of my works. I am painting from an inner emotion to the point of freedom. My paintings are a pattern of feelings created by colour , spacing and line without portraying form. As Plato suggested the highest form of beauty lies not in the real world but in geometry.”